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1992-1997 Cadillac Seville SLS STS high
mounted third brake light strip 


Manufactured by Stanley Electric

Note: This lamp has been discontinued and is no longer available new from GM dealers.

Option 1- You ship your brake light to Logan Diagnostic where it will be rebuilt and shipped back to you. The price of the rebuild is $124.00 including shipping and insurance. We strongly recommend that you insure your shipment to us. If you live in the Nashville or the Middle Tennessee area, we will remove your brake light and install a rebuilt brake light in exchange for your burned out one. This takes about 20 to 25 minutes.

Option 2- Logan Diagnostic will ship you a rebuilt brake light. In turn, you return your burned out brake light to us for credit. The price for this service is $124.00 plus a core charge of $75.00, for a total of $199.00 including shipping and insurance. When we receive your burned out brake light, you will be credited $75.00. Please note: We cannot accept damaged housings. You must also insure your shipment to us.

Option 3- Logan Diagnostic will ship you a rebuilt brake light outright, no core charge. The cost for this service is $199.00 including shipping and insurance.

Tech Tip Seville / SLS / STS: Third brake lamp not working at all?

1) Be sure to inspect the vehicle trunk / body wire harness at the inside drivers side trunk hinge area.
It's a known problem that the harness can be crushed and damaged by the trunk hinge while
the trunk is closed.

2) At the time of manufacture. German lighting laws did not allow for a functioning LED third brake light.
 Cars built for the German market had a non-functioning 'dummy' third brake light. 
Many of these cars ended up in Sweden etc. These lamps can be made to work. 

2002-2006 Cadillac Escalade, 2002-2006 Escalade ESV and 2002-2013 Escalade 
EXT third brake light assembly, some Chevrolet Avalanche LTZ black diamond
edition models with optional third brake light ©


Manufactured by:

Yorka (Escalade SUV lamp version)

Auto Systems Canada (Escalade EXT, Avalanche LTZ black diamond lamp version) 

The SUV lamp has been discontinued and is no longer available new from GM. 

Option 1- You ship your lamp to Logan Diagnostic where it will be rebuilt and shipped back to you. The price of the rebuild is $129.00 plus return shipping and insurance.

Option 2- Logan Diagnostic will ship you a rebuilt brake light. In turn, you return your burned out brake light to us for a credit. The price of this service is $129.00 plus a core charge of $95.00, for a total of $224.00 plus shipping and insurance. When we receive your burned out brake light, you will be credited $95.00. Please note: We cannot accept damaged housings. (currently unavailable)

Tech Tip #1 Escalade, Escalade ESV, Escalade EXT 
and some Chevrolet Avalanche LTZ owners.

Escalade EXT / Avalanche version third brake light.©
The Escalade EXT third brake light resembles the Escalade SUV version but is a completely different lamp 
inside and out. The Escalade EXT lamp (and some Avalanche LTZ models) is manufactured by a different 
supplier, has different internal electronics, different vehicle mounting design and uses a different
part number. The Escalade SUV and Escalade EXT high mounted third brake
lamps are not interchangable. 

Tech Tip #2 Escalade owners. Be sure to order the correct third brake light.

Often advertised as a replacement lamp for Escalades...
Is really a lamp for Suburbans with cargo doors.
Tech Tip #3 Escalade owners. Broken lamp mounting tabs?

A common problem on the 2002-2006 Escalade SUV lamp version is broken mounts. 
We do have a repair solution to fix broken mounts. We do not need the old mount(s). 

2004-2009 Cadillac XLR third brake light ©

Manufactured by GM Guide / Visteon

Mail-in-for-repair 2004-2009 Cadillac XLR third brake light.©
Discontinued for the second time by GM. 

This lamp has been manufactured in USA, Mexico and China. Call for details.

Old GM part numbers 25905631, 10342236, 19330404, 16530849.

Rebuilt GM 2004-2009 Cadillac XLR third brake light with new LEDs installed. ©

2015-2020 GMC Yukon tail lights, GMC Yukon Denali XL 
SLE SLT SUV left and right LED tail lights ©

Manufactured by North American Lighting (NAL) a division of Koito Group.

2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 GMC Yukon SUV LED tail light repair. Mail-in-for-repair program. 
Repairing both left (driver) side and right (passenger) side rear GMC Yukon tail lamps. 
Same day service, one year warranty on repairs. © 

Service also available for local drop off in Middle Tennessee.
 Temporary tail lights are available. Call for details.

We do offer discount pricing on 2015-2020 GMC Yukon tail lamp pairs.


SAAB / ORIO NA issued a service 
bulletin recommending us as the go to source 
for lamp repairs for 2010-2011 SAAB 9-5 owners.

2010-2011 SAAB 9-5 third brake light ©


2010-2011 SAAB 9-5 LED third brake light 13299397. 
Mail-in-for-repair. One year warranty. Call for details.

This lamp is discontinued and no longer available thru SAAB or Orio.

2010-2011 SAAB 9-5 trunk light bar ©

Manufactured by Visteon

2010-2011 SAAB 9-5 trunk LED light bar 12846189. Mail-in-for-repair 
service. One year warranty. Call for details. 

Special note: We do not use silicone products for any lamp repairs. 
We do not recommend using silicone products for repairs.
 See the bottom of this page for additional details. 

This lamp is discontinued and is no longer available thru SAAB or Orio.

Impossible lamp to find new or used. (2) Rebuilt 2010-2011
Saab 9-5 trunk light bars being tested. ©

Tech Tip 2010-2011 SAAB 9-5 condensation and fogging in trunk light bar

Some limited, temporary fogging is normal in lamps with a clear lens. Even red
 lamps have some fogging going on, you just don't notice it. 

The 2010-2011 SAAB 9-5 trunk light bar is not a watertight sealed unit. 
Any moisture or water leaks in the trunk can show up as fogging in the light bar.

Moisture vapor can enter the lamp at the (2) end clips and 
the electrical connector pigtail pass thru. (Red arrows). 

There are 3 foam seals. One around each end clip and one around the pigtail pass thru.
There are also seals around each plate light and the trunk release switch. 
All need to be in good condition. © 

2010-2011 SAAB 9-5 left and right LED tail lights ©

Manufactured by Visteon

2010-2011 SAAB 9-5 LED tail lights.

We can fix upper and lower sections and melted / damaged sockets. Mail-in-for-repair. 
One year warranty on repairs. Call for details.

This lamp is discontinued and is no longer available thru SAAB or Orio.

Tech Tip 2010-2011 SAAB 9-5 drivers (left) side back up lamp not working

Only the right side SAAB 9-5 tail light has a functioning back up lamp.©
By design, the 2010-2011 SAAB 9-5 (left rear) tail light back-up lamp does not work. 
It has a purely cosmetic non-functioning back-up lamp (Both US and European versions). 
It does not use a light bulb or LED.

2004-2008 Chrysler Crossfire coupe, convertible,
SRT-6 roadster
, high mounted third brake light

Chrysler Crossfire convertible version LED high mounted third brake light. ©
Chrysler Crossfire coupe version LED high mounted third brake light. ©

Note: These two lamps have been discontinued and
are no longer available new from Chrysler dealers.

Mail-in-for-repair service Chrysler Crossfire coupe, Crossfire convertible
high mounted third brake light. One year warranty on repairs. Call for details.

Tech Tips: Chrysler Crossfire

Do not connect the Crossfire third brake light directly to car battery for testing. 
This can rapidly burn the lamp out. This lamp is controlled by a lighting control module.

During removal (convertible) do not pry on the rear edge of lamp. 
This area is frail and will chip easily. There is a foam gasket between the third lamp and 
the painted decklid that can sometimes cause sticking. 

1992-2005 Lexus SC300, SC400, some Toyota Corolla, Toyota 
Camry models, high mounted third brake light ©

Manufactured by Stanley Electric, NAL 

Mail-in-for-repair service for various Toyota and Lexus models high mounted third brake lights.
We are fixing both spoiler and decklid mounted Lexus / Toyota third 
brake light versions. Japan built Toyota Camry version etc. Call for details.

Shipping Information
The perfect shipping box. FedEx Ground tube box (50" x 9" x 9")
available at Kinkos / FedEx Ground copy centers.

This is the recommended box to use for Escalade third
brake lights and 2010-2011 SAAB 9-5 light bars. 

Most lamps will be shipped using UPS. Depending on your shipping zone
and location, some lamps may be shipped using FedEx Ground services or USPS Priority Mail. 
Canada and other International shipping zones extra.

Important note Escalade owners: Paint sticks
Important! Please note Escalade, Escalade ESV, and Escalade EXT owners. 
The Escalade third brake lamps are very pointed at each end and can poke 
thru shipping materials during shipping.

Use free (Home Depot, Lowes, etc) wood paint mixing sticks firmly taped 
to each end to protect the lamp from damage during shipping.©

Additional Information
Since 1997, we have sold third brake lights in every US state including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Other countries include Australia, Argentina, Bahrain, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan and the United Kingdom.

How do I replace the light bulb in my third brake light?

This Escalade circuit board is damaged beyond practical repair and was replaced. Replacement circuit boards, as needed, are included in our rebuilding process.©

You can't. Electronic third brake lights do not use light bulbs. They use circuit boards and LEDs.

There is no such thing as a quick fix on any electronic third brake light. Most lamps will
have multiple
internal problems. Some lamps will require circuit board replacement.

Most rare circuit boards can be restored. We restore the original circuit boards and
do not use cheap, low quality imported circuit boards as replacements.

Depending on the vehicle make and model, different circuit boards and different types of LEDs are used.

Your lamp may be using a 5mm dome, surface mount SMD, Superflux or PLCC LED. 

Picture shows a tiny PLCC-4 LED resting on a U.S. dime. Shown larger than actual size. ©

No markings on these parts because they are so small. In addition, there are hundreds
of different ones available based on color temperature and pin layout.

Fixing the internal electronics correctly is only half the problem. Resealing the lamp is
the other. Silicone, epoxies and other over-the-counter sealers are simply
not tough or strong enough for third brake light repairs. 

We use only OEM plastic bonding materials 
for the
 best possible professional quality results.

Customer Reviews



Subj: Thank you!!
Date: 05/22/2000 10:57:12 AM CDT
From: Joe H.

I received my brake light on Friday and installed it this weekend without any problems! You packed the light so it would not be damaged, your directions for removal/installation were easy to follow and complete. I am sending you back my light today, so you should have it back by the end of the week. I will make sure that I let fellow Seville owners know about your top notch service!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

By Email: "I just want to say thank you. A couple of days ago I called thinking I needed a third brake light for my vehicle. I had checked the fuse tip you gave me and it checked good. I was ready to order the light but you asked some additional questions. I went back and found that a wire had been damaged going from the light to the vehicle. It was repaired and the light was in good shape. I wanted to send this email because a lot of companies today would have only wanted to sell a light and not worry about the end result."

"I just wanted to let you know that the brake light has arrived yesterday and it works perfectly! Thank you very much for your fast and very friendly service."

"You guys saved us a bunch of money and had a really quick turnaround. Thanks again."

South Carolina:
"The part you sent me worked just fine. I am delighted with this great value."

New Jersey:
 "Your craftsmanship is fantastic.....I know your lamp will last longer than the vehicle."

"I ordered my lamp on a Monday and it was at my door on Wednesday!!! It works great – it was very easy to install.  Thanks for such great service. I would highly recommend your company to anyone. Keep up the good work. The dealer wanted almost $600 to order and install a new lamp. You saved me big time."

"Your part saved me $240 and fits/works perfectly."

"Got the lamp installed Saturday and working perfectly. Thanks for the expertise and the quick turnaround!"

"Thanks for offering a reasonable solution for 3rd brake light replacement!  We would like for you to repair the enclosed 2005 Escalade brake light."

North Carolina:
"Thanks for the fast turn around with the lamp. We are sending you another lamp from our lot for repair."

New York:
"Thank you for the beautiful repair of my 2002 Cadillac Escalade 3rd brake light. It was done very professional and looks great."

"...speedy, professional, and a tremendous value vs ordering a new one..."

Logan Diagnostic's philosophy is to help you save money, while providing professional repairs on hi-tech vehicle electronics on GM cars built since 1981. Logan Diagnostic excels at providing quality repairs. Most repairs on third brake lights are completed within 1 business day. 
Currently, a major customer demand for Logan Diagnostic has been for repair service on electronic LED third brake lights. The problem with these brake lights is that it is common to have LEDs burn out, or have whole sections quit working. Also, the lights are designed as a non-serviceable sealed unit and not repairable, just replaceable. Unfortunately, replacement third brake lights are extremely expensive, and used lights in good working order are difficult to find.

Logan Diagnostic has developed a professional repair/rebuild procedure to fix these third brake lights at a fraction of the cost of a new lamp . We offer technical support on removing your third brake light (this procedure is very easy). We also offer quick and efficient turnaround on your repair (1 to 2 business days) and you have several options on repair or replacement of the third brake lights.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express credit cards. Bank debit cards also accepted.
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